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Fellows are individuals of distinction who have performed outstanding service for the Optical Society of Southern California and the optical industry.  


The newest fellows: Valentina Doushkina and Scott Rowe were inducted on June 18, 2014. Bob Cartland, Lacy Cook and Charles Gaugh were inducted on June 13, 2012. Bob Fischer and Donn Silberman were inducted on June 23, 2010.  Arnie Bazensky, Reddy Chirra, Murty  Mantravadi, Susan Rico  and Don Wolpert were inducted on May 14, 2008.




Fellow Induction May 14, 2008


Left to right: Al Hatheway, Fellows Chair; Arnie Bazensky; Susan Rico; Tom Godfrey, OSSC Historian; Murty Mantravadi; Don Wolpert; Reddy Chirra and Donn Silberman, OSSC President 2007-2008. 


All individuals elected to the grade of Fellow since OSSC's inception


Arnie Bazensky  (P 2005)

Felix Bednarz (d,c,o)

Ira S. Bowen (d,o)

Robert Cartland (P 2009)

Howard Cary (P 1951, d,c,o)

Reddy Chirra (P 2001)

Lacy G. Cook

Robert E. Fischer

Charles Gaugh (P 2006)

Tom Godfrey (P 1973)

Wilfred (Fred) Hansen  (d)

Thomas I. Harris

Alson E. Hatheway (P 1986)

Roland C. Hawes  (d)

Armin J. Hill  (d,c,o)

Herbert D. Korones (P 1982, d)

Milton Laikin  (P 1972, d)

Reed C. Lawlor  (d,o)

Murty Mantravadi

George H. Matter  (P 1970, d)

Willard T. Perkins (d)

Susan Rico (P 1996)

T. Scott Rowe (P 2011)

Albert Shurkus (P 1957, d)

Donn Silberman (P 2007)

Warren J. Smith (d)

M. E. Stickney  (d,o)

Eugene K. Thorburn (P 1953, d,c,o)

Walter Wallin  (d,o)

W. Ewert Williams (d,o)

H.D.(Don) Wolpert (P 2000, d)



    p President (P year)

    d deceased

    c Member of the 1951 OSSC organizing committee

    o One of the original officers of the OSSC

The OSSC Historian is in touch with the widow of Korones, and hopes to publish his Fellows Profiles here and in the OSSC Images Newsletter in the next few months.  Additional information about Korones and the others (Bednarz, Hamilton, Lawlor, Perkins, Stickney, & Williams) or their next-of-kin would be greatly appreciated.


Thomas E. Godfrey
OSSC Historian


  Read about the formation of the OSSC.