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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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National Photonics Initiative Year of Light 2015

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Uniting the Southern California Optics Community


The Optical Society of Southern California is a local section of The Optical Society (OSA) founded in 1951 to increase and disseminate knowledge of optics and allied sciences.  The Society meets monthly from October through June and also organizes regular family-friendly outreach events.  Most of our meetings and events are open to the public. Please join us and bring your friends.

Those who support our goals are invited to apply for either Individual or Corporate Membership.

The OSSC Remembers
Charles Townes

Charles Townes 

Charles H. Townes, whose pioneering work led to the development of the laser, died on January 27, 2015 at the age of 99. Townes shared the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics with Russian scientists Nicolay G. Basov and Aleksandr M. Prokhorov for "fundamental work in the field of quantum electronics, which has led to the construction of oscillators and amplifiers based on the maser-laser principle."  Townes was also an OSA Fellow and recipient of the Fredric Ives Medal (1996).  Excellent articles about the life and passing of Charles Townes were published by the New York Times and the The Optical Society (OSA).

USC-Led Consortium
Among Three NPI Finalist

National Photonics InitiativeUSC Viterbi School

January 30, 2015:   A consortium led by the University of Southern California is among three finalists selected by the US Department of Defense (DOD) to submit full proposals to secure the Integrated Photonics Institute for Manufacturing Innovation.  Other finalists include consortiums led by University of Central Florida and the Research Foundation for the State University of New York.  The National Photonics Initiative (NPI), a collaborative alliance seeking to raise awareness of photonics and increase US funding and investment in key photonics-driven fields, released a press release commending the three consortiums.  NPI is not endorsing a specific IP-IMI proposal but is strongly committed to supporting the DOD's ultimate selection.  Several Individual and Corporate Members of the OSSC actively support the USC-led consortium.

National & Global News

National Photonics Initiative   International year of light 2015

Read about the National Photonics Initiative and the International Year of Light 2015 on our National & Global News page.

Welcome New OSSC Members

Individual Members
Jason Arcand
Magnus Bengtsson
James Carter
Raino Ceccarelli
Carl Coursen
Eugene Cross
Serge Cutillas
Kristen Deignan
Justin Francis
Michael Gordon
Marin Iliev
ILya Koshkinv
Janeth Manjarrez
Roger McWilliams
Cole Meyers
Guillermo Olarte
Jake Reynolds
Kevin Romero
Furkan Sahin
Amer Saleemi
Taylor Sorensen
David Stork
Dmitry Voloschenko
Jose Wences
Brian Yoder
Anastasia Zamora
Weihan Zhang
Xiaomin Zhang
Ali Ziaee

Corporate Members
Kirk Okimoto, The Pilot Group - Engineering

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We value your membership and appreciate your support!

Recent OSSC Meeting:
14 January 2015

Lensless ultra-miniature
computational sensors and imagers:
Using computing to do the work of optics

Recent OSSC Meeting:
10 December 2014

Growing the Optics Community in
Southern California
Pathways from education to Corporate Success

OSSC Panel Discussion
    Brian Monacelli       Nick Lambert       Arnie Bazensky  
Irvine Valley College   Precision Optical       Schott Glass

Janeth Brenna
Janeth Manjarrez         Brenna Norris
                     Vital Link OC          Irvine Valley College

Irvine Valley College
Advanced Technology & Education Park

Recent Outreach Event:
24 January 2015

Astounding Inventions at IVC
January 24, 9 am to 2 pm

The OSSC &  OISC participated
once again in this annual STEM education outreach event.
Many family and friends joined in the fun.

Special thanks to our volunteers:
Brian Monacelli, Bo Wang, Denise Ullery,
Edwin Lai, Donn Silberman, Scott Rowe
Anthony Reyes, Brian Sajor, Thesalie Dumlao, 
Vivian Dong, Betty Hu, Maria Sam, Valerie Luong

Photos from our 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010 Events

Last update:  January 31, 2015