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OSSC Educational Materials

The photo on the left shows Dr. Brian Monacelli teaching students about the optics of the eye.
 The photo on the right shows students using Fish Bowl optics to learn about the eye.. 
The OSSC supports optics education at all levels.  If you would like to contribute educational materials please let us know.

Information on Geometric Optics Kits for UC Irvine Course

Educational Presentations


*LED Integrating Spheres, fabricated by Mark Helmlinger, are also available from the OSSC for a nominal cost.





MacArthur Middle School Family Night - Students making telescopes on an Optics Bench.  

The right photo shows students using the Teen Optics Bench at an after school program with Think Together.


You can learn more about optics educational outreach activities and events by visiting the OSSC outreach page.

 Visit the OSSC Outreach Page

K-12 Optics Educational Links


University of Arizona’s Optical Sciences Center Optics for Kids

University of Rochester, Institute of Optics, Educational Outreach

 National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Education Resources

California Institute of Technology, Astronomy Outreach


Lesson Plans

Academy Curriculum Exchange -  Using Parallax to Determine Distances

Discovery Channel School   - Sight & Light

Optical Society of America - Optics for Kids  &  Optics for Teens

Optical Research Associates - Optics for Kids - Science & Engineering

Rutgers University - Physics & Astronomy Lesson Plans

University of Victoria - Light & Optics Lessons Plans

Illinois Institute of Technology - Smile Program Physics Index

Open Directory Project - Light & Optics

NASA - Imagine the Universe -What's the frequency, Roy G. Biv?



Optobotics presentation @ Mathobotix

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