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Upcoming Events


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Past Meetings & Events

Photos from the October 2009 Meeting held at DRS.  Featured presenter Walter Clark, with his collection of microwave demos, is shown in the photo on the right.

The Optical Society of Southern California holds nine regular meetings, monthly from October through June, as well as a few special events.  Most of our meetings and events are open to the public.  This page includes a record of our past meetings dating back to 2009-2010 (we are looking for volunteers to help add details for earlier meetings).

Events for the current active period are found on our events page and our events calendar.  The events calendar also has other items that may be of interest to OSSC members such as professional conferences and educational events.

Ideas for future meetings may be made to our
Programs Chair

OSSC Program Year 2013-2014

Date Location Speaker Topic
9 October 2013 The Chart Room,
Cal State Long Beach
Dr.Yoseph Bar-Cohen,JPL Humanlike robots as the ultimate challenge to mimicking biology in a synthetic form
1-4 October 2013 Northrop Grumman
Aerospace Presentation Center
Various Conference:
Mirror Technology Days
13 November 2013 USC
Aerospace Presentation Center
Speaker Gigapixel Technology
11 December, 2013 Calit2 Auditorium/
UC Irvine
OSSC Corporate Members Exhibits
Ron Sherwood, Novus Light
Photonics: An Industry Moving at the Speed of Light
8 January, 2014 Courtyard by Marriott, Monrovia Jordan Neysmith,Second Sight Innovation in Vision Restoration: Second Sight
12 February 2014 Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo James Millerd, 4D Technology Dynamic Interferometry
12 March 2014 CalTech Cahill Center Hameetman Auditorium Reed Riddle, CalTech Robo-AO
9 April 2014  Kellogg West Hotel and Conference Center, located on the Cal Poly Pomona Campus Career panel: Valentina Doushkina (N2 Imaging), Donald Pearson (Davidson Optronics), Paige Lawson (Lightworks Optical Systems)

Keynote: Eric Becklin, Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astrophysics 
Panel Discussion: "How can students prepare for careers in the optics industry?"

Keynote: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA): Overview and First Science Results
14 May, 2014 CVOSA/ OSSC Joint Meeting
Monterey Clubhouse at Encino
Steve Fantone, Optikos Adventures in Optics
 30 May 2014 Mount Wilson Observatory    Viewing Night 
11 June 2014 Luminarias Donn Silberman (Physik Instrumente and Optics Institute of Southern California), Nicolaus Lambert (Precision Optical), Julia Majors (UC Irvine), and Bo Wang (Precision Optical)

Annual Business Meeting,
Induction of Scott Rowe and Valentina Doushkina as OSSC Fellows,
Presentation: Optics Education and Outreach Programs in Southern California

OSSC Program Year 2012-2013

Date Location Speaker Topic
10 October 2012 Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo Lenny Lipton An overview of electro-stereoscopic displays
14 November 2012 Monterey at Encino
Dr. Muthu Jeganathan, JPL Instruments on Curiosity
12 December 2012 Embassy Suites, Anaheim-North Arnie Bazensky,Schott North America

Corporate Member Appreciation Event and presentation on Schott

21 December 2012 Mt. Wilson Observatory NA


9 January 2013 The Chart Room at Cal State Long Beach Dr. Steve Howell, NASA

The NASA Kepler Mission: Recent Exoplanet and Astrophysical Discoveries

13 February 2013 Cal Poly Pomona, Kellogg West Dr. Timothy Corcoran, Cal Poly Pomona A sideways look at broadband fluorescence spectroscopy
20 March 2013 Holiday Inn Anaheim in conjunction with OFC Dr. Jules Jaffe, Scripps Institution of Oceanography From Titanic to the Tiny: Three Decades of Underwater Optical Imaging in my Lab
10 April 2013 Empress Paviliion Dr. Michelle Povinelli, University of Southern California

Light Interaction with Nanostructured Materials: Photovoltaics and Self-Assembly

8 May 2013 Embassy Suites Irvine Dr. Hu Cang, Salk Institute Cloud computing and light-sheet illumination for single-molecule super-resolution imaging
 12 June 2013  Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo Lacy Cook, Raytheon Space & Airborn Systems 
Annual Business Meeting
Presentation: Where do creative ideas come from? 

OSSC Program Year 2011-2012

Date Location Speaker Topic
10 July 2011 Mount Wilson Observatory Mount Wilson Observatory OSSC Daytime Family Event
6 Aug 2011 Mount Wilson Observatory Mount Wilson Observatory Night Astronomical Viewing Event
12 October 2011 Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo
Jeff Puschell, Raytheon History and future of space-based images and other optoelectronic systems
5 November 2011 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Family Day Event
9 November 2011 Synopsys, Pasadena Bruce Moision, JPL Signaling on the Deep-Space Optical Channel
14 December 2011 UC Irvine, hosted by the UC Irvine OSA Student Chapter
Karen Newman and Laura Marshall
Exhibits by OSSC Corporate Members
Scale to thrive? Consolidation in the Photonics Industry
11 January 2012 USC Keck School of Medicine, Ophthalmology Department Dr. Carmen Puliafito and Shuliang Jiao New developments in ophthalmic optical coherence tomography
Photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy for in vivo retinal imaging: current status and prospects
7 March 2012 JW Marriott Hotel, in conjunction with OFC Dr. Madeleine Glick, APIC Corporation
Optics in Next Generation Data Centers
10-11 March 2012 Discovery Science Center Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Optricks & Lasers Extravaganza
11 April 2012 Kellogg West, on the Cal Poly Pomona campus
Dan Harris, Naval Air Systems Command, China Lake

History of Magneto-rheological Finishing

14 April 2012
Mile Square Golf Course
OSSC Golf Chair Hal Johnson
OSSC Annual Fred Hansen Memorial Golf Tournament
21 April 2012 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Family Day Event
9 May 2012 N2 Imaging Systems (tour at 6:000, then Citrus Cafe (dinner and presentation)
Peter Vallianos, N2 Imaging Systems
Challenges in Optical Design in Soldier Systems
13 June 2012 Luminarias
Naty Hoffman, Activision
Uses of Physically-Based Light-Material Interaction Models in Videogame and Feature Film Graphics

OSSC Program Year 2010-2011

Date Location Speaker Topic
10 October 2010 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Experimental Media Art Festival 10.10.10
13 October 2010 LightWorks Optics
Presentation & Tour<
Dan Barber, Kent Weed & Roger Johnston, LightWorks Optics
Mark Robinson, ASU
Space-Based Optical Systems at LightWorks
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera
10 November 2010 USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Playa Vista, CA
Paul Debevec, Abhijeet Ghosh & Andrew Jones Light Stage - Creation
of Virtual Avatars
13 November 2010 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Family Day Event
8 December 2010 Newport Corporation<
Irvine, CA
Tommaso Baldacchini Chemical Mapping of Three-Dimensional Microstructures Fabricated by Two-Photon Polymerization Using CARS Microscopy
12 January 2011 Monterey at Encino Robert Fischer, OSSC Fellow Optical Design Magic
9 February 2011 Hacienda Hotel
El Segundo, CA
Dan Vukobratovich Binocular Designs
9 March 2011 OFC/NFOEC Conference LA Convention Center Milton Chang Starting and Running Companies
13 April 2011 Osaka Seafood Buffet, Brea, CA Pete Fuqua
Aerospace Corporation
Angle Resolved Scattering from Optical Filters for Space Applications
16 April 2011 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Family Day Event
 27 April 2011 UC San Diego Yeshaiahu "Shaya" Fainman
UC San Diego 
Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics 
11 May 2011 Cal Ploy Pomona, Kellog West Alex Small & Ertan Salik
Cal Poly Pomona
Tapered Optical Fibers & Theoretical Limits to Microscopy Beyond the Diffraction Limit
21 May 2011 Whispering Lakes Golf Course OSSC Golf Chair: Hal Johnson OSSC Annual Fred Hansen Golf Tournament
 8 June 2011 Luminarias
Montery Park
OSSC Annual Meeting 60th Anniversary of OSSC - Honoring of OSSC Past Presidents
18 & 19 June 2011 Discovery Science Center Outreach Chair Donn Silberman Optricks & Laser Extravaganza
10 July 2011
6 Aug 2011
Mount Wilson Observatory Mount Wilson Observatory OSSC Family Event

OSSC Program Year 2009-2010

Date/td> Location Speaker Topic
21 October 2009 DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems Walter Clark Demonstrations of Polarization Using Microwaves, Radio Waves & Light
11 November 2009 Northrop Grumman "S" Cafeteria Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX Getting to Space for Less Cost
14 November 2009 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair: Donn Silberman Family Day Event
9 December 2009 Crowne Plaza, Fullerton Joseph Diep, Joseph Bashe & Evan Lundstedt of Exotic Electro-Optics IR Optics Manufacturing Lenses, Windows & Domes
13 January 2010 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology David G. Stork
Ricoh Innovations
Did the great masters "cheat" using optics?
10 February 2010 Almansor Court
Alhambra, CA
Steve Hines, Hineslab 3-D Video Without Glasses!
10 March 2010 Cerrritos HomeTown Buffet Steve Chakmakjian,
Zygo Corporation
Confidence in Optical Metrology 
14 April 2010 UCLA Aydogan Ozcan Innovation Through Photonics
17 April 2010 UC Irvine Beall Center for Art + Technology Outreach Chair: Donn Silberman Family Day Event
12 May 2010 Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems Dan Nieuwsma
Raytheon SAS
OSSC LaserFest at Raytheon: 50th Anniversary Celebration of the First Working Laser!
22 May 2010 Whispering Lakes Golf Course OSSC Golf Chair: Hal Johnson OSSC Annual Fred Hansen Golf Tournament
12 June 2010  Discovery Science Center  Optricks Day
Family Day Event 
23 June 2010 Luminarias
 Monterey Park, CA
Alson E Hatheway
Alson E. Hatheway Inc.
Bridging the Chasm -Applying the Structural Engineering Arts to Optics
(pending road repair)
 Mount Wilson Observatory  Mount Wilson Observatory  OSSC Family Event