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"Nature's Eyes" .
An OSSC Sponsored Scholarship Fund / Award - In memory of H. Don Wolpert.
Annual Award $500 - Best Student paper in the field of Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication. To be awarded annually at the SPIE “Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication” Conference
OSSC Outreach Fund
The purpose of this fund is to allow sponsors & donors an easy method to contribute to the OSSC Outreach Programs at levels they feel comfortable.

Contributions to this fund will be used by OSSC Outreach Committee Members to support our Outreach Programs.

Corporate Sponsorship for the Annual Optricks & Lasers Extravaganza begin at $250.

All donations of any amount are welcome.
OSSC General Fund
Donations to the OSSC general fund are used at the discretion of the Society in fulfillment of its charter. OSSC funds are managed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the OSSC by-laws and other governing documents. The OSSC fits the description of a 501(c)(6) organization. Donations may be tax deductible as a business or professional expense.

The OSSC is NOT a a charitable organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. If you would like to contribute to the OSSC's Optics Outreach efforts, please go to our Outreach page.
OSSC Website Fund
Your $5 donation will offset the cost of maintaining the OSSC website. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Corporate Members wishing to become Website Sponsors may do so using the link below. You must be logged in for the link to be visible.

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