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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


The Optical Society (OSA)   SPIE

The Optics Institute   :The Photonics Society

National Photonics Initiative   International Year of Light 2015

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Uniting the Southern California Optics Community


The Optical Society of Southern California is a local section of The Optical Society (OSA) founded in 1951 to increase and disseminate knowledge of optics and allied sciences.  The Society meets monthly from October through June and also organizes regular family-friendly outreach events.  Most of our meetings and events are open to the public. Please join us and bring your friends.

Those who support our goals are invited to apply for either Individual or Corporate Membership.

Outreach Events


Family Day at the BEALL

18 April 2015
11:00am - 4:00pm

Families and children of all ages are invited to enjoy FREE, hands-on art and science activities at UC Irvine’s Family Day at the Beall.  The event offers a “kid-friendly” introduction to new media art relating to the Beall Center’s current exhibit, as well as presentations, hands-on activities, and more.

OSSC, OISC, UC Irvine Photonics Society and others will have demonstrations and presentations at this event.

The Beall Center for Art + Technology
The Claire Trevor School of the Arts
UCI campus, Building 712 Arts Plaza.
(UCI Campus Map)

Admission is FREE and open to the public.


April 24, 25 & 26, 2015

OSSC, OISC and others will join Vital Link of OC and its partners in taking the lead in connecting students to career options in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Arts related professions.  The program brings together student work, industry demonstrations and exhibits, college connections, and nonprofit volunteer opportunities to use their skills today to build a resume.

88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Please let us know if you will be joining us.

Welcome New Members

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Corporate Members
Jim Fisher, Newport Corporation
Dan Sasaki, Panavision
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Junichi Adachi
Christopher Birdsell
Ken Canfield
Michael Fuksa
Cory Hague
William Hicks
Laurent Hoffmann
Adrian Hoyle
Jordan Jur
Sal Karbasi
Taryn Kaufman
William Lotherington
Nicholas LoVullo
Samantha Montenegro
Edward Nelk
Shaildhish Rai
Elliot Stiglic
Jason Tyler
Brandyn Way
Bryan Williams
Daniel Winters
James Wyant

We value your membership and appreciate your support!

Recent Meeting

8 April 2015
College of Optical Sciences at University of Arizona:
50 years of Excellence

James Wyant
James Wyant
Founding Dean, College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona

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Researchers Demonstrate First DASER Light Suppression Device


1 April 2015: Researchers in Southern California announced the first demonstration of the DASER light suppression device.  DASER stands for Dark Attenuation and Suppression of Environmental Radiation and works using the principles of wide-field incoherent destructive interference.  Energy conservation is achieved by an emitter in the back of the device causing some researchers to describe it as a vacuum cleaner for photons.  Operating over the visible spectrum, the DASER can extinguish light over an area as large 50 centimeters in diameter (about 20 inches); work is being done to extend the area.  Multiple DASERs can also be used in parallel as long as field overlap is avoided.  The military is interested in the device as a way to conduct night combat operations during the day and law enforcement considers it as a practical way to suppress building light in field operations.  Who knows, the DASER might even allow sports fans to enjoy night games during the day...  Read More

Last update:  14 April 2015