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OSSC President (1976-1977)

-Edward T. Luszcz-


       Edward T. Luszcz was President of the Optical Society of Southern California in 1976-77, after having served as Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Councilor, beginning in 1972-73.  He was born August 13, 1921 in Youngstown, Ohio to Anthony & Maria Luszcz.  His father was a Professional Photographer for whom he worked while attending high  School prior to WWII.  During WWII Luszcz was in the Signal Corp where he learned to send and receive Morse code.  He transferred to the Army Air Corp and learned to fly.  Ed was a B-24 Liberator bomber pilot, and flew 35 missions over Europe from England.


    Luszcz graduated from Youngstown State University with a B.S.  degree  in physics in 1948; he was also a physics laboratory assistant.  At Syracuse University, Ed spent the summer of 1949 with the National Bureau of Standards under Dr. Irvine Gardner.  He used the Marchant desk calculator to trace rays through an optical system to determine if the method  could be used on a computer, which was just in its infancy.  In 1951, Luszcz earned an M.S. in physics at Syracuse University; he was a physics graduate assistant there too.  His master's thesis consisted of determining a method of conveying Fluorine gas to an electrode-less discharge tube for spectrographic analysis.


    After graduating from Syracuse University, Ed worked 2 years for the Radiometry Branch of the Optics Division of the Naval Research Lab in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland under Dr. Harold Stewart.  He was responsible for the study and design of elecro-optical equipment for atmospheric scattering, transmission and other atmospheric optics measurements.


    In 1953, Ed worked for Philco Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a Senior Engineer.  He was responsible for a study program to evaluate and improve the SIDEWINDER optical system.  This included design and evaluation of test equipment for optical components.


    In 1954 Ed worked for 5 years in the Aerophysics department of Goodyear Aircraft Corporation in Akron, Ohio, as a Senior Development Engineer. He was responsible for the design and development of optical and photographic equipment required for the ground support of the MACE missile.  This included specifications, test procedures and procurement of special optical and photographic equipment.


    In 1959, Luszcz worked for Aerojet-General in Azusa, California as a Technical Specialist, where he was responsible for directing the design, development and testing of optical equipment for an infrared tracking system as well as methods of testing optical components to be used  under rigid environmental conditions.


    In 1960, Ed joined Northrop Corporation, in Anaheim, California, as an Engineering Specialist/Research Engineer.  He was engaged in the design of many optical systems for the visual, infrared and ultra-violet spectral regions.  Luszcz had complete responsibility for the Stereometric Comparison Viewer, (SALDS) and several optical tracking systems.  His tasks included optical designs, test procedures, test fixtures, tolerance analysis and proper functioning of the optical systems.  He holds a patent for the Dual Mode Seeker mounted in the nose of a missile.  It is an infrared sensor and a visible sensor for acquiring and tracking a target.  Luszcz co-authored with George Matter: "A Family Of Optically Compensated Zoom Lenses" published in "Applied Optics".


    Ed Luszcz retired from Northrop in 1986 and is presently residing at: 24732 Sea Shell Way, Dana Point, California 92629 (Tel: 949-661-7228).  He is married to Jane, and presently (August, 2000) has five children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Corporate Address:  14271 Jeffrey Road, Suite 136
Irvine, California 92620
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