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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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Welcome New Members

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Upcoming OSSC Event

OSSC Combined In-Person & Webinar
Wed, Oct 12, 2022
"Range-Compensating Lens: Application to LIDARs"

Upcoming Outreach 


SPIE Optics & Photonics
San Diego Convention Center

Optics Education and Outreach VII


Oral Presentation - Donn Silberman

Quantum education and pathways: an open-source modifiable presentation to high school and college students

22 August 2022·11:30 AM - 11:50 AM |


SPIE Optical Engineering Journal
Special Section on Quantum Education

Quantum technician skills and competencies for the emerging Quantum 2.0 industry

Mo Hasanovic; Chrys Panayiotou; Donn Silberman;
Paul Stimers; Celia Merzbacher

OE Vol. 61 Issue 08

KEYWORDS: Quantum computing, Quantum information, Quantum communications, Laser optics, Optical engineering, Fiber lasers, Superposition, Spectroscopy, Spectroscopes, Quantum physics

Our Outreach programs will begin again this Fall as schools resume normal operations. 


At this time, one of our close outreach partners has relaunched their programs and has a fund-raising event we can attend.

Play For Our Students!
SEPTEMBER 17, 2022
6 PM TO 10 PM
2002 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Professional Education

Fall 2022 courses begin in Mid-September:

Go to the links above to learn more about the courses and programs.
15% discount for OSSC Members on courses
Required for a Certificate.
with confirmed OSSC Membership
to receive discount code.
UCI DCE Optics 10 yrs logo
The following courses are part of Certificate Programs in:
Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design
Recorded Information Session - August 2019
OSSC Fellow Donn Silberman was the guest speaker.

Pasadena City College
Laser Technology  Program

The first PCC LaserTech student cohort begins this Fall 2021 semester! Students completing the program in Laser Technology will learn the scientific principles of optics, fiber-optics, and lasers. Laser and Photonics Technology instructors lead hands-on, laboratory-driven classes, utilizing state-of-the-art industrial equipment, based on the industry-guided photonics curricula written by industry professionals. In addition to laboratory skills, students are offered one-on-one support and career advice, including résumé and LinkedIn profile building.

In Memoriam

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OSSC Officers 2022-2023

           Congratulations new officers!

John Nunn, President
Kevin Romero, Vice President
Treasurer, Dr. Martin Hagenbuechle
Secretary, Felicitas Hernandez
    Harvey Spencer
    Nicholas Croglio
    Rick Kunzler

Recent OSSC Meetings

OSSC Combined In-Person & Webinar
Wednesday June 8, 2022
Start 6:00pm in-person; 7:30 pm online
"Polymer Optics Manufacturing and Applications"
Mr. Erik Fleming,
President and CEO, Diverse Optics
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Eric Fleming

OSSC Combined In-Person & Webinar
Wednesday May 11, 2022
Start 6:00pm in-person; 7:30 pm online

Precision Measurements with Integrated Optics

Dr. Andrew Jordan

Co-Director, Inst. Quantum Studies

Dept. Physics, Chapman University

Special OSSC Webinar Presentation, April 27, 2022, 7:00pm

“The Optical Technologies that Allowed the Detection of Gravitational Waves”

By Dr. Gabriele Vajente

Senior Research Scientist, Caltech LIGO Team

Abstract: The detection of Gravitational Wave signals from binary black holes and binary neutron stars coalescences opened a new era in modern astronomy. Those discoveries were possible using high sensitivity km-scale laser interferometers. In this talk we will describe the most important optical techniques that allowed the Advanced LIGO and Virgo detectors to reach their unprecedented sensitivity and to detect gravitational waves.

Combined OSSC In-Person and Online Presentation
April 13, 2022
Start 6:00 pm in-person & 7:30 pm Zoom

Ultra-Lightweight, Ultra-Stable RoboSiC Additively

Manufactured Lasercom Telescope

Dr. Bill Goodman

CEO, Goodman Technologies LLC
In-Person Location:

MKS Instruments (Newport Corp.), 1791 Deere Avenue, Irvine, CA 92060

Free OSSC Online Presentation
March 9, 2022
Start - 6:30 pm Zoom

"Cleaner than a Cleanroom: Filling Technology Gaps for Space Telescopes and LIGO - First Contact Polymers as a Path Towards Atomic Cleanliness"

Dr. James Hamilton

Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

CEO, Photonic Cleaning Solutions

Free OSSC Online Presentation
Feb 9, 2022

Start - 6:30 pm Zoom

"Quantum Design of Coherent X-rays for Multidimensional Imaging"

Professor Tenio Popmintchev

Physics Department and Center for Advanced Nanoscience, UCSD, San Diego

OSSC Online Presentation
Jan 12, 2022 

Start - 6:30 pm Zoom

Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Exciton-Coupled Cyanine Dimers

Dr. Andrew H. MarcusCenter for Optical Molecular & Quantum Science, Univ. Oregon

Jan 22 Flyer Image

Combined OSSC In-Person and Online Presentation
Dec 8, 2021 
Start 6:00 pm in-person & 7:30 pm Zoom

'Alluxa's Plasma PVD: Versatile Solutions, Best in Class Optical Coatings'

Mike Scobey, CEO, Alluxa

In-Person Location:
The Pub at Fiddlers Green
Los Alamitos, CA

december 21 sepaker photo 
december 21 tech photo 
Download Flyer
Combined OSSC In-Person and Online Presentation
Nov 10, 2021 
Start 6:00 pm in-person & 7:30 pm Zoom

"Rotating Synthetic Aperture Imaging"

Dr. Joseph Green, JPL
In-Person Location:
Fellowship Hall, Sierra Madre Methodist Church
Sierra Madre, CA

Download Flyer

OSSC Online Webinar
Combined OSSC In- Person and Online Presentation
October 13, 2021 
Start 6:00 pm in person & 7:30 zoom

"Mirror Materials Selection: Space Mission Cost/Performance Impact"

Prof. Tony Hull,Univ. New Mexico

Announcement 13 Oct 2021   


Corporate Address:  14271 Jeffrey Road, Suite 136
Irvine, California 92620
The OSSC is a non-profit 501(C)3 tax exempt corporation.
The OSSC does NOT endorse candidates for public office or contribute to political candidates or campaigns.

Updated: 4 September 2020
Added 8 September VOSA Meeting