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OSSC Education Co-Chair (2008-2009)

-Mark Helmlinger-


    Mark earned a B.S. in Physics from Cal State Poly, Pomona in 1991, working part-time jobs in the local aerospace industry as a junior electro-optical engineer.  From 1989 to 2004, Mark worked at the Earth & Space Sciences Division of JPL.  His first jobs included pre-flight radiometric calibration of remote sensing instruments under development.  Solving in-flight calibration issues as a field research engineer, Mark built a ground truth program including a suite of custom portable instruments and analysis software for remote deployment worldwide.  For the AVIRIS and MISR/EOS projects, among others, he implemented several field campaigns per year for the vicarious calibration & validation of airborne and on-orbit sensors.  Over the years, Mark developed Hellwinger’s Irregulars, an ad-hoc cadre of student field assistants from around the world.  From 2000-2003, he also assisted with instruction of the physics of remote sensing at Cal Tech. Mark is a remote sensing scientist & end-to-end EO/IR calibration specialist at Northrop Grumman Space Technology (NGST, formerly TRW).  Mark’s outside interests include alternative energy and propulsion, traveling the countryside in his 6x4 off-road RV, and public outreach from a Skeptical perspective.  He built 3 Color-Generators of his own design; the first presented to Don Wolpert during Don’s January 2008 NGST Retirement Luncheon; the other 2 he made at OISC’s request.  Mark demonstrated their operation as a volunteer Optricks Apprentice at the 5th Annual OISC/OSSC Optricks Days at the Discovery Science Center March 2 & 3, 2008 in Santa Ana, CA.  When Nominated to run for Councilor, Mark said: “I consider it an honor and would be pleased to serve OSSC in any capacity needed.”

Mark Helmlinger
Northrop Grumman Space Technology
One Space Park Road, Redondo Beach, California 90276
(310) 812-9393

Corporate Address:  14271 Jeffrey Road, Suite 136
Irvine, California 92620
The OSSC is a non-profit 501(C)3 tax exempt corporation.
The OSSC does NOT endorse candidates for public office or contribute to political candidates or campaigns.

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